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The corporate network of Kouvola

The Hyötyvirta Business area is located along highway 15 which runs between the cities of Kotka and Kouvola. The area is divided into two areas that are only a few minutes’ drive from each other.

There are approximately 25 hectares of property available in the area, with municipal infrastructure already in place.

Equipment such as industrial scales, machine and civil engineering services as well as end disposal services are available for use to companies located within the Hyötyvirta area. Furthermore, many of the businesses in the area are always looking to collaborate with other businesses.

The Hyötyvirta area is constantly working to improve and develop in a sustainable way, such as increasing the amount of green energy being produced at the area.

Hyötyvirta association

Kati Manskinen



The City Of Kouvola

Engineering and environmental services

Valtakatu 33, 45700 Kouvola

Sami Suoknuuti

plots for companies

Tel. 020 615 5436 





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